French GP: Bou leads, Raga warns and Fajardo surprises

bou_fr_480If during the first day of the French GP we witness a exciting duel between Bou and Raga, decided in favour of the latter by only two points, in the second had a clear dominator, Toni Bou, But also a nice battle for the rest of the podium that also reaffirms how open and fought the 2012 title will be.

The main protagonist of this second day was Jeroni Fajardo. The Beta rider was leading the race at its halfway point, one point ahead of the eventual winner, Toni Bou. However, the Girona rider was unable to maintain the good pace imposed in the first pass of the sections, making a major mistake that left his chances of victory at the mercy of a mistake by Bou that finally did not come.

However, despite increasing his run by ten points, on this second day Jeroni made it clear that in 2012 he can be a clear candidate for victory in every race. We’ll see if consistency, Jeroni’s main Achilles heel, allows him to stay in the top three also in the provisional standings.

In front of them they had again a great Cabestany who went from less to more, with whom, curiously, as on the first day, they were once again tied on points. However, luck was on Jeroni’s side this time. Both nailed all their records, so it was the time invested in completing the course that finally ruled the winner of the tiebreaker in favor of the Beta driver.

Interestingly, this It wasn’t the only draw. Fujinami and a Raga Euphoric that he started as provisional leader, they gambled with a greater number of zeros. His reversed partials -12 and 6 for Fuji, 6 and 12 for Raga- left the Japanese rider as the winner by accumulating four more zeros than the Tarragona rider on his card. It was therefore a bad day for Raga, who lost the lead and, more importantly, decisive points for his title aspirations. There are now 6 points separating him from the provisional leader, Toni Bou. Behind, just one point behind, there is a double tie between Fajardo and Cabestany. The World Cup is more open than ever!


In Junior this time there were no Spanish riders on the podium. Tarrés and Moret finished in fifth and sixth place, respectively. The highlight of this category is that the Galician Jorge Casales was seventh , just two points behind Moret. A resounding victory for Ferrer, followed by Tempier and Dagnicourt.

There was no good news in Jóvenes either. Noguera fell off the podium and could only be fourth. Victory for Sverre Lundevold, followed by Cox and Coquelin.

Text: Trialworld / Photos: FIM

Adam Raga: “I’m really happy with how things went on Saturday. It was a good race and it shows that we have the potential to fight for the win. Sunday was a shame, as a mistake not only took us out of second place but relegated us to fifth position. It’s a shame, but I’m convinced that we can improve in the next races. The new bike is very competitive, as well as very beautiful, and I’m sure it will give us great joy.”

podium_fr400Toni Bou: “After what we saw yesterday, I didn’t think it was possible to close this weekend with such a points gap as the leader of the world championship, so the victory brings with it this added satisfaction. In general, the level of difficulty of the areas has not changed, so we have suffered again since it was an easy test and it was essential to avoid mistakes. The second pass through the sections was decisive again, I concentrated and step by step I acquired a definite advantage”.

Takahisa Fujinami: “I feel better than yesterday because of the result but on the other hand dissatisfied, as I could have finished second. I made two absurd mistakes on the first lap without which I would have finished just behind Toni. Otherwise, all good. I felt much more confident than yesterday and I think I’m the one who has made the most zeros in the zones. This gives me great motivation to improve in the next round.”


Toni Bou 7 points

Jeroni Fajardo 14 points

Albert Cabestany 14 points

Takahisa Fujinami 18 points

Adam Raga 18 points


Alexandre Ferrer 9 points

Cedric Tempier 14 points

Benoit Dagnicourt 17 points

Maxime Warenghien 21 points

Pol Tarrés 25 points


Sverre Lundevold 17 points

Bradley Cox 32 points

Steven Coquelin 33 points

Oriol Noguera 37 points

Francesco Cabrini 37 points

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