First restrictions at the Scottish Six Days due to Coronavirus

The most legendary trial race in history, the Scottish Six Days Trial, is preparing for the great global threat of the Coronavirus and announces its first restrictions.
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On May 4, the 2020 edition of the Scottish Six Days Trial starts, where the organization has announced the veto of participants of Italian nationality, who will not be able to compete in either the Six Days of Scotland or the Pre-65.

The race is still going on for the time being, although it is not ruled out that there may be new restrictions and even the possibility of a cancellation. This would be historic for a race that has been held uninterruptedly since 1911.

On the other hand, it has just been announced that it will be the first time in history where an
electric motorcycle participates in the Scottish Six Days Trial
, it will be Marc Colomer at the controls of an Electric Motion E-Pure.


SACU is closely monitoring the spread of this virus at this time. We are well aware that our two biggest events on the calendar are about to arrive, the Scottish Six-Day Trial (SSDT) and the Pre 65 Trial.

Although the Government has implemented some measures at this time, they will not affect any of our events until the virus intensifies. The government’s position is that there is no reason to close or cancel sporting events as things stand, but contingency plans have been put in place.

If events resemble those in other parts of Europe, sporting events that draw large crowds are likely to be postponed or held behind closed doors. If the situation changes and the virus intensifies, we will take the direction of the government and implement the necessary actions required.

As the Board of Directors of Motorcycle Sport in Scotland, we have taken the tough decision that competitors from Category 1 countries such as Italy will not be able to compete in this year’s SSDT and Pre 65.

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