First Ossa TR 280i SSDT 100

ossa_ssdt_400Ossa has launched a special edition of its TR 280i model commemorating the centenary of Scotland’s Six Days. There are really no major differences with respect to the standard model in terms of components, but there are in terms of aesthetics, since the brand’s corporate colour, green, gives prominence to a blue that includes the logos of the centenary.

Among the changes that we can find, the following stand out:

* Racing headlight protector.

* Steering plates with increased steering angle.

* Mapping selector.

* Chassis protectors.

* Radiator fins.

* LED tail light.

* Three-piece exhaust guards.

* Rear ball bearings.

* Racing crankcase cover.

* Electrical installation racing.

* Magnesium ignition cover.

* Special SSDT decoration.

A price of €7,250 is announced, although the contact details of the communication direct to Italy:


Tel. + 39 031 701290

Photos by PlaneteTrial


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