City of León Exhibition

exhibicion_leonThe Moto Club Trialeon organizes, in collaboration with the León City Council, a trial exhibition on June 25 at 6:00 p.m. at the beginning of the Paseo de Papalaguinda, with four guest pilots: Jaime Busto A 13-year-old rider, European and Spanish champion in the 125cc class. Ibón Zorrilla, Champion of Euskadi and Spain TR3;  Carlos Rivero, Champion of Cantabria; and Marcos Méndez, rider from Ponferrada, Champion of Castilla y León and TR2 rider of the Spanish Championship.

All these pilots will make all the spectators vibrate  as they pass through Papalaguinda, all enlivened with music and artificial areas of large stones, construction containers, tubes, and metal structures.

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