Bou can be World Champion in Italy

bou_win400The Outdoor Trial World Championship is entering its final stretch. There are only three scoring races left to be played; the first of these will take place this coming weekend in Santo Stefano d’Aveto (Italy).

The great particularity of this competition is that it will be the only location of the entire season where the drivers play for only 20 points; the five previous stages have been played over two scoring days and the closing match, which will take place in France, will also be in this format.

In the sporting field we can witness the great milestone of the 2012 season, as it is the probable coronation of the new 2012 World Champion. Toni Bou, the outstanding leader, is 40 points ahead of his closest rival, Jeroni Fajardo. If he manages to leave Italy with at least that advantage, Bou will be proclaimed Outdoor Trial World Champion for the sixth time in a row.

With the first place practically sentenced, where everything is to be defined is in the fight for the runner-up position. Two of the contenders, Cabestany and Raga, already know what it’s like to beat Bou in 2012. However, the best positioned, thanks to his consistency, is Jeroni Fajardo. The Girona native is having an excellent campaign and enjoys a minimum advantage of five points over third-placed Cabestany; The Tarragona native arrives in Italy very strong and motivated after winning the last race, held in Andorra.

Also with options is Adam Raga, placed in fourth provisional position, just three points behind Cabestany. However, with 60 points at stake and considering that the “top 5” has had the same protagonists throughout the year, there is not so much room for manoeuvre to aspire to the runner-up position.


Therefore, maximum emotion in a race where we can’t forget Takahisa Fujinami, That already He has three podiums in 2012 and his role could be decisive for the riders fighting for the runner-up spot. The Japanese, on the other hand, has a very difficult time improving on his current fifth place with Raga twelve points behind.


In Junior, with the title already sealed in favour of Alexandre Ferrer, who has had an unblemished season with eight wins out of a possible ten, the Frenchman could have considered making his debut in the top category. In any case, everything points to Ferrer trying to maintain his high level of riding in Junior and delight the French public at the last home round with a victory.

The excitement of this category is also in the fight for the runner-up spot. Before Andorra it seemed that Moret had everything going for him To take it away, but nevertheless the discreet results achieved in these two races have favoured the other great contender: Pol Tarrés. There are only two points of difference between the two and everything remains to be said.

We will also be keeping an eye on the evolution of Jorge Casales, whose results in his first season as a Junior are surprising.


In Jóvenes we have a similar picture. Steven Coquelin dominates with a 32-point lead over Bradley Cox; if he gets another victory and increases his lead to 40 points, he can mathematically be proclaimed World Champion.

Text: David Quer / Photos: FIM-G2F Media



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