All about the 2011 World Indoor Championships

Toni Bou continues to make history in the world of Trial. At just 24 years of age, he has managed to sign his fifth Indoor Trial World Championship title with full victories in the six races held this season. The added merit of the rider from Piera has been, in addition to such achievements, the abysmal difference he has shown against his rivals in all the races, being almost insulting the marked superiority. In other words, Toni Bou is in a stratospheric dimension and his rivals are solely earthly. Read more. 

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Toni Bou has won his
fifth consecutive title of Indoor Trial World Champion, after winning the fifth and penultimate round of the 2011 calendar. The Montesa-Repsol Team rider has Wins all your participations in the current campaign, demonstrating with his records that he is at a stratospheric level, both technically and psychologically. It’s hard to see him fail; He makes his performances a real spectacle for the public and his humility as a person has won over all fans of this sport.

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Toni Bou’s fourth consecutive victory in the 2011 Indoor X-Trial World Championship leaves the title all but sealed with just two rounds remaining. The runner-up was Albert Cabestany who, thanks to Raga’s setback, managed to secure second place in the provisional standings. Completing the podium we have Jeroni Fajardo with his new Ossa TR after benefiting in the tiebreaker by numbers of zeros against Raga, who finally had to resign himself to fourth place. Fujinami, fifth, was on the podium this time to beat the British Challoner, who is having an excellent season. The tail of this coin is reflected, again, by James Dabill, who was once again left out in the qualifying round. Read more.

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bou_indoor_2BARCELONA.- Toni Bou It’s back to being The main protagonist of the third scoring test for the Indoor X-Trial World Championship, held at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, under the watchful eye of 20,000 spectators who were also able to enjoy the second scoring event for the Indoor Enduro World Championship. Read more.





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bou_2MARSEILLE.- Toni Bou takes victory in Marseille and increases his lead at the top of the general standings.
Raga and Cabestany completed the podium. The negative note of the day was the heavy accident of Fujinami, who was forced to retire with a strong blow to the neck.
Bou has increased his lead as leader of the X-Trial World Championship to 13 points

, a condition that he will defend on February 6

at the Indoor Trial in Barcelona, which will take place at the Palau Sant Jordi and will

close the first half of this competition.

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Toni Bou's dominance continues.GENOA.- An in-form Toni Bou (Montesa) began the defence of the indoor world title with a solid victory at the Palasport Fiera di Genoa. Cabestany (Sherco) finished splendidly behind him, while Raga (Gas Gas) had to settle for third place in the 2011 SPEA FIM X opener. All three drivers finished on a tight margin of just five points.

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All the conclusions about the 2011 Indoor Trial X Trial World Championship, click here.

Championship Standings: 

1: Bou 120

2: Cabestany 75

3: Raga 75

4: Fajardo 60

5: Fujinami 34

6: Challoner 24

7: Dabill 22

8: Brown 19



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