USA GP Day 1; Solid win for Adam Raga

World Raga13The Gas Gas rider, Adam Raga, was the best on the first day of the second round of the Outdoor Trial World Championship. A victory that he had been chasing for a long time and that he achieved this weekend. The first of the two days of competition that are being held in America, has left three Spaniards on the podium in the Pro category

The race consisted of 12 three-pass zones with not much difficulty , so recovering the lost points was really complicated. Raga did a magnificent job throughout the day. He only had one fiasco in zone 5 and then behaved perfectly. For his part, Toni Bou made two fiascos, finishing second at the end of the day. Third place went to Jeroni Fajardo with 5, 7 and 6 points in each run. Fourth was Albert Cabestany, fifth Takahisa Fujinami and thirteenth Pere Borrellas.

In Junior, Francesc Moret managed to be the best of the Spanish riders with a very good second place. He was beaten by Jack Sheppard by just 1 point. The Englishman has scored 10 and Francesc 11. Third was Jorge Casales with 12 penalties. Pol Tarrés was sixth and Carles Traviesa eleventh.

Ignacio Fernández-Sancho and Nacho Martín were the two Spanish representatives in Trial 125cc. The former has qualified ninth with 36 points, 15, 16 and 5 in each of the passes. On the other hand, the player from Castellón has added 51, 8, 24 and 19, respectively.

GPUSA13 PodiumAdam Raga: “I’m very happy. It was an important race. The sections looked easy at the beginning, but the points haven’t shown as much. I’m very happy for this victory that eluded us. It just shows that we’re doing a good job. Here it was difficult to make such a low score. I have to thank my team, my backpacker, mechanic and also team boss Santi Navarro. Together, we have achieved this victory.”

Toni Bou: “A very easy race in which I didn’t feel good; That’s how I sum up this day. I’ve made a couple of mistakes and I’ve paid dearly for them. The positive thing is that with the second position I have scored some very valuable points with which I maintain the leadership of the world championship. It’s clear that this year won’t be easy for anyone, and three different winners in the three races are a good indication of that.”

Takahisa Fujinami:
“I started the race with a lot of desire to repeat the victory and I guess the pressure got the better of me. I just haven’t done it right. Tomorrow I have to improve and I’ll do my best to make it happen, I can’t say anything else.”

Francesc Moret: “Too bad! I couldn’t win by one point. It was a rather easy trial and we played it in a couple of areas, but with races like this you can’t let your guard down at any time. After Scotland I hadn’t trained for several days because of tendinitis in my right arm and it made me doubt my condition at some point, but in the end I saw that I was fine. It’s a pity that I failed at the start of an area where I made a fiasco; otherwise, I would have been able to achieve victory.”

Jorge Casales: “It’s been very tight and the judges have been quite permissive. The zones, for our level, were excessively easy. A mistake on the third lap, zone 3, caused the trial to be crossed. Still, I’m quite happy because I’m getting back to feeling and positions in the championship. I hope that tomorrow the sections will be more difficult so that I can go better.”

Photos: FIM – G2F Media 


USA13 1 world

USA13 1 jr

USA13 1 jov




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