Try HEBO Defender PAD Junior child protections

Hebo launches a line of equipment specifically for children, valid for any discipline of offroad motorcycling, cycling or snow sports. We tested them at Trialworld with the collaboration of our rider Alvaro Ruiz Yeves.

Protecting yourself is not an option, and less and less so. The international federations are already looking out for the interest of professional riders by making
trial chest and back protections
mandatory in competition. And the fact that trial is a relatively non-harmful sport compared to other motorcycling disciplines, does not mean that we must protect vital areas in the mountains.
This awareness is especially interesting in the case of children, since they will grow up using this supplement and in the future there will be no debate about whether or not to give back protectors, they will have already gotten used to it from a young age. To date, there was no specific logical protection for children. The classic plastic “armor” is awkward, bulky, and while it does get the job done, it becomes an unwanted accessory.
Hebo Defender Pad Junior Protection Jacket

has been working for years to standardise specific protection for children and it is now available on the market. Drawing on the experience of
Hebo XTR protections
for adults, the Girona-based brand has launched the
Hebo Defender PAD Junior
range in two formats: vest and jacket.
Both protections have in common the use of a breathable and quick-drying quarter-way stretch mesh fabric. The waistbands receive a silicone insert for a more precise fit and additionally we find a side zipper that runs throughout the garment to facilitate the operation of putting on and taking off.
Hebo Defender Pad Junior wall bars


The first variant of the product is in vest format, with protections on the front and back, perfectly covering the entire chest and key areas of the back. Both protections can be conveniently removed via Velcro so that the garment can be washed or piloted with just the back protector. In its favor, comfort and lightness without sacrificing protection.
Click here to access the size and price guide of the Hebo Defender PAD Junior protective vest
Hebo Defender Pad Junior Protective Vest


The jacket format is the same as the vest described above, but with sleeves. For this reason, it has four additional protections to the chest and back: shoulders and elbows. It is a very versatile garment, since all the protections are removable and you can configure the jacket according to the discipline (ski, bike, motorcycle…).
Click here to access the size and price guide for the Hebo Defender PAD Junior protective jacket
Hebo Defender Pad Junior Protection Jacket


All Trialworld equipment is protected by trellises, for us it is a fundamental part of the equipment. In school, we saw how parents were willing to protect their children, but there were no quality protections that responded to the sizes of children at an early age. Now, from the age of 3 you can already find protections. Hebo has done a great job, as the material is also flexible and adapts perfectly to the body, without being bulky and with good breathability.
Hebo Defender Pad Junior Protective Vest
Another interesting part is that the sizes are in groups of two (XXS-XS, M-L and XL-XXL), so it simplifies the decision and achieves greater durability of the garment, which basically covers ages from 3 to 10 years.
Therefore, an interesting product and, in our opinion, essential for all fans of dirt bikes.

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