TRS One range 2017

TRS Motorcycles
has presented the new TRS One 2017 at the EICMA Milan Motor Show. TRS wants to make it clear that this is not a new model as such, but an evolution of the 2016 model, whose improvements have been gradually incorporated into the production chain.

Consequently, the TRS One 2017 breathes the same air of its predecessor, with the aesthetic difference of the black adhesive that presides over its frame, as well as other small graphics that leave greater evidence that we are facing a 2017 model.
TRRS Trial Spare Parts
It should be noted that by the middle of next year a

TRS One 125

equipped with an exhaust valve is expected.
TRS ONE 2017 Trial


  • Longer gear shift pedal for smooth feel and precision.
  • Reinforced and more integrated exhaust guard.
  • Lower footpegs set back for increased traction and mobility.
  • New clutch discs for a smoother, faster and more durable feel.
  • New taller clutch cover to optimize interior space.
  • New longer and more efficient clutch piston.
  • Lightened selector shaft.
  • Rear axle and wheel tensioner with new finish.
  • Improved start-up.
  • Decoration 2017.

TRS One 2017 Price: 6.700
TRS ONE 2017 Trial


TRS ONE 2017 Data Sheet

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