Trial 2.0: how we’ve evolved

tw_480It seems like only yesterday when we were immersed in theexciting project that Trialworld represents for all fans and lovers of the Trial bike. Since then, only eight months have passed, full of intensity, passion and many hours thinking about how to offer the best of this sport in exchange for your loyalty.

Our strong commitment to a completely different positioning, offering quality and very varied content, has proven to be the key to success and the engine to continue working with the same strength. At Trialworld we have applied the experience of 10 years dedicated to specialized Trial journalism, offering our own tests of all 2011 models and special comparisons that will go down in history.

We are also proud to be able to offer you all this content in a clean and orderly, graphic and intuitive way, without annoying external advertisements or spam. In this way, it will also be much easier for you to find a specific article, for which you can also rely on the search engine on the homepage.  To make everything easier for you, we have also pioneered Launch a newsletter with the most outstanding content, thanks to which many fans conveniently receive information via email

All this serves to thank you for your support and illustrate you with two images: the first corresponding to the day that Trialworld was launched, January 10th, and the second corresponding to what Trialworld is like on July 7th. We hope you’re as happy with the result as we are!

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See you at the trials!


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