Toni Bou wins the Zaragoza Indoor for the sixth time

Bou 460 IndoorThe Fiestas del Pilar Indoor Trial was held last Saturday with a considerable full house at the Pabellón Príncipe Felipe, which every year at this time is faithful to its appointment with the best riders in the world.

The Zaragoza public, who understand this sport that has been visiting the city for the last 24 editions, have turned out to encourage Toni Bou, Albert Cabestany, Adam Raga, Jeroni Fajardo, Francesc Moret, Pere Borrellas and the youngsters Pol Tarrès and Jorge Casales, who qualified in the previous round held during the morning.

Casales, who was also making his debut in the Championship, sealed an excellent debut and beat all the riders who were on the verge of the final, except for Raga, who was fourth ahead of him.

Thus, the final was debated between the wheels of Albert Cabestany, Toni Bou and Jeroni Fajardo, but soon the former ran out of possibilities and left the fight in the hands of Bou and an unbeatable Fajardo, who signed the best of his performances.

Despite the fact that in the qualifying round Bou was far superior to the rest, in the final everything was at stake in the last zone with Fajardo who, without fail, led the Repsol-Montesa rider to the most extreme situation he has experienced in the last six editions of this event. Only one point separated them before the dispute of the last section, but in the end the victory went to Bou because both managed to overcome it without errors.

Thus, the podium was made up of Bou, Fajardo and Cabestany ; first, second and third respectively; and with this Toni Bou reaffirms himself as provisional leader of the Championship with one round to go, signing his sixth consecutive victory in Zaragoza.

 The next round of the Championship will take place in Girona on November 1st, and it will decide who is the 2012 Spanish Champion of this two-wheeled specialty.

 In CETI2 Pol Tarrés, Jorge Casales and Oriol Noguera have been the best.



Toni Bou: “We had to suffer to get this victory, because Jeroni [Fajardo] was very strong and fine-tuned to the maximum until the last moment. For me, this has been a victory that is as difficult as it is important for the Championship. No doubt the crowd will have enjoyed this equality, but for us the pressure has been significant.
It had been a while since I had played any indoors, with the only exception of an exhibition I did a couple of weeks ago in Palau de Plegamans, thanks to which I recovered the rhythm of this type of event”

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