Toni Bou wins the Cahors Street Trial

cahors_bouresounding victory for Toni Bou in the mythical Cahors Urban Trial, held in this town in the south of France on Sunday. The reigning World Champion scored a total of 1252 points.

Let’s remember that in this Trial the areas have different steps with independent scores, representing with more points those of greater difficulty. In other words, unlike in the rest of the competitions, the winner is the one who has the most points on their card.

Second place went to Albert Cabestany -1108 points-, while the podium was completed by Adam Raga -1043 points-. 

The fourth position went to Alexandre Ferrer -1030 points- , winner among the Juniors, who surpassed Takahisa Fujinami -1008 points- in absolute score against all odds. Good race for Pol Tarrés -1000 points-.

Fajardo was the big absentee, forced to decline the invitation of the organization due to injury and his place was taken by the British Michael Brown, signing a discreet ninth place final.

Text: Trialworld


1) Toni Bou 1252 pts

Albert Cabestany 1108 pts

Adam Raga 1043 pts

Alexandre Ferrer 1030 pts

5) Takahisa Fujinami 1008 pts

6) Pol Tarrés 1000 pts

7) Jack Challoner 910 pts

8) Pere Borrellas 903 pts

9) Michael Brown 808 pts

10) Benoit Dagnicourt 797 pts

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