Thorough Test Gas Gas TXT Pro 280 Raga 2003

txtproraga03Since the end of the Tarrés era, Gas Gas had not won a title as important as the World Indoor Championship. To celebrate, The Girona brand has designed a replica model that, despite deriving from the standard “Pro 280”, incorporates a long list of special components, similar to those used by Adam in competition. This edition has a special appeal for both pilots and collectors, as only three hundred units of this model are going to be manufactured, all of them numbered and with the name of Raga included.

This motorcycle also combines some elements that will equip the range Gas Gas TXT Pro trial 2004, which will be presented this summer and whose models will be an evolution of the previous ones, as a result of the data obtained in competition – the best test bench of the brand – and experienced by Raga himself and the Gas Gas team. The current bike of the Indoor World Champion will be exhibited at the Gas Gas factory, along with others that have also won some relevant titles for the Girona brand.

The Raga Replica version is born 

On the basis of the standard model, Gas Gas has introduced various modifications that affect both mechanically, suspension and braking. How The main difference with the standard model, what is most striking at first glance is the exclusive golden tone of its crankcase, swingarm and clutch cover, all made of a material as light as Magnesium T6. At the heart of the thruster we find a really “TOP” component, as for this replica, the Keihin carburetor used by Adam in competition has not been dispensed with.

This has always been very popular among the most cutting-edge riders, given the notable improvement it generates, especially at medium and high revs. Another series of details that we will see in the 2004 range, are the new Ducati ignition, and different clutch discs with less thickness.

As for the cycle part, the list of special components for this model includes a completely different fork and shock. The new Marzocchi fork has 40mm bars – 38mm in the standard version – providing more rigidity and firmness to the front end. In addition, this fork is doubly interesting as we will also see it mounted in the future series next year. On the other hand, the Sachs shock absorber has been replaced by another signed by the prestigious Swedish factory Öhlins, a truly exclusive detail of Adam Raga’s bike, since it is only planned to be mounted on the three hundred units of the “Raga Replica”.

Other details of a lower range such as the disc and chain protectors, the tank cap or the starter lever, are newly designed and already definitive for future series. For its part, the decoration follows the same guidelines as the rest of the 2003 range, except that the sticker on the tank is printed with the logo of Adam Raga’s helmet and his signature numbered as a true limited series.

Although it starts well, the start-up of the Spanish bike is not its forte, at least in the unit tested, as it choked easily and such a task became somewhat laborious. However, once working and mounted on it, the novelty is found in the soft feel of its controls, especially the throttle, since the new Keihin has a much lighter bell and allows the opening of the throttle to be better modulated.

This, coupled with the Quick response and forcefulness, means that we are in front of a bike with a totally racing spirit, although there is no need to fear, since the Gas Gas technicians have found the ideal settings so that any rider can enjoy its performance without any problem.

txtproraga03 detThe main difference with the original Dell’Orto lies in its response at medium and high revs, a range of revolutions where the Keihin is much faster than its rival. On our dyno we have been able to corroborate these differences with figures, since the “Pro Raga” is more than one final horsepower ahead of the production model and is capable of delivering it almost 2,000 rpm above, something that gives us an idea of its tremendous final stretch.

The improvement in dynamic behavior is also due to the adoption of new clutch discs, which have less thickness and make the lever actuation much smoother and more progressive. However, the gearbox, although highly accurate, still shows excessive travel between each speed, while providing a somewhat unpleasant noise.

Limited Edition Raga 2003

Now that we know how the engine of Adam Raga’s replica bike responds, let’s move on to contrast the reactions that the entire set of chassis, suspensions and braking has transmitted to us. Starting with the first of these, it should be noted that both the steering dimensions and their dimensions have not been modified compared to the production model.

Therefore, at the controls of the “ GG” we will continue to find ourselves comfortable, although marked by
a position of the footpegs quite rearward,
in order to favor traction on delicate surfaces. However, the most important differences begin to emerge as soon as the first obstacles are faced, and that is that the work that has been carried out in the suspensions is worthy of masters.

The magic touch is provided by the new Öhlins shock absorber, evolved and created for the demands of a rider of the stature of Adam Raga, being the final result completely satisfactory, since two weak points of the previous model have been improved: progressivity and agility. For its part, the new Marzocchi fork has made the front end gain in stability and rigidity, largely due to the fact that it has 40mm bars, two millimeters wider than the usual ones of the production model.

Now we are finally going to offer you the most awaited data, since the weight saving compared to the standard model is almost three kilos, finally standing at 70.4 kg in running order… next to nothing. However, this surprising figure is not so clearly perceived on the bike, although the feeling of lightness and handling is undoubtedly another of its strengths.

Text: David Quer



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