The runner-up spot is red hot. The World Cup arrives in GB

zonas_500. One of the most important weekends of the year arrives. On this occasion it will be the Penrith, England the closing stage for the 2012 Trial World Championship. With the three world titles mathematically secured for Bou, Ferrer and Coquelin, In the absolute, junior and youth categories, respectively, the excitement will focus on seeing how the runners-up are resolved.

Despite Toni Bou’s hamstring injury, due to which it was speculated that he might miss a race, the newly proclaimed World Champion will be fighting for the 40 points that are at stake this weekend. Their participation is more important than it may seem. The winner receives 20 points, the second 17 and the third 15. Three riders placed in a handkerchief of only 5 points are playing for the runner-up position. Without Bou, it would be easier to scratch points in case of finishing ahead.

In any case, those who are best placed for the title are Fajardo and Cabestany, both tied on points. Jeroni has been very consistent in the last half of the championship, but Cabestany is the one who is setting the closest times to Bou in the last few races. To this must be added Fajardo’s recent injury, due to which he has missed the Nacional in Pobladura de las Regueras, although it seems that he will arrive at the World Cup in top form.

Raga is the third candidate for the runner-up spot. The Tarragona native does not have it easy at all as he must recover five points from his opponents, although Adam is unpredictable and can cause a surprise. This weekend he will need to face his main cross in this 2012 season: consistency.

cabes_400Ahead of this GP we must not forget the British riders. Experts in this field, Dabill, Challoner and Brown can do well and sneak into the top 5, something that would give much more excitement to the race.

Another rider who arrives with a lot of enthusiasm is Fujinami. The Japanese rider is not going to improve on his fourth position overall, but he will try to do well and justify the statements made after his recent renewal with Montesa: “to have the energy to fight for the title in 2013”.

In Junior, the excitement will also be served. Moret and Tarrés are playing for the runner-up spot in a similar context to the senior category. None of them can forget Dagnicourt, who is 8 points behind them and can take advantage of any mistake to get into this fight. Let’s remember that there are 40 points up for grabs.

The fight for victory is also open to the Belgian Warenghien and the national rider Jorge Casales, who has become the revelation of the category in the year of his debut.

In short, maximum excitement at the British GP. Everything that happens will be available on Trialworld in due course. We will also follow it from our
Facebook channels.

Text: Trialworld / Photos: FIM – G2FMedia



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