The ordeal of Jorge Casales’ injury

Jorge Casales jorgecasales japan2015 Never, better said. The Galician rider put in an exceptional performance in the first race of the Japanese GP, signing a valuable seventh place behind Jaime Busto, his main rival in his hunt for the “top 5” this season.

On Sunday, during the second day of competition, Jorge suffered a heavy crash in zone nine of the second round. A delicate wound that occurred a month ago during training was reopened and in this action he suffered a fracture of the tarsal scaphoid of the foot. It is a very painful injury and neither the medications totally relieve the discomfort nor does he forget the ordeal he suffered on the return trip from Japan, with 32 hours of flights and stopovers from the time he left Tokyo until he arrived in Barcelona.

Right now, Jorge is evaluating the session with prestigious traumatologists. Everything points to the fact that the bone will have to be operated on and fixed with a screw. It is pending to know who will perform the intervention.

On a sporting level, Jorge will surely miss the next race of the national and the British, but he hopes to reach, at least 50%, the GP of the Czech Republic, which will be held on May 30 and 31.

From Trialworld we wish a lot of encouragement and a speedy recovery to Jorge.

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