Tenaci Wong TW 200

Tenaci – Wong is a Chinese brand specialized in the manufacture of trial bikes for the Asian market. Its flagship model, the TW200, has a 200cc four-stroke engine. Powered by electronic injection and liquid cooling, it is also equipped with an electric starter.

Two years ago, the first images of the Tenaci Wong were released to coincide with its presentation. Its name comes from the word “tenacity” and the surname of its creator, Mr. Wong, who after admiring trial in Europe after almost two decades, decided to embark on the project of adapting the bikes to the concept and needs of the Asian market.
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The Tenaci Wong TW 200 is a
trial bike
designed for the expansion of this discipline and excursion in the immense Asian market. As can be seen, it is a motorcycle with performance and quality of components far from European brands, but conceptually very well resolved for its target market.
Tenaci Wong TW 200
Tenaci Wong TW 200
The frame is a tubular steel structure, with a swingarm made of aluminium. The range is significantly greater than that of any European model and the final weight of the bike is around 80 kilos. Both the brakes and the clutch are hydraulic. The tyres are of standard sizes and their price equivalent is around €3,000. The first units are already starting to arrive in Europe.



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