Electric Trial Motorcycles

Optional electric start on the new 2023 SHERCO and SCORPA

Within the strategic plan that exists in the relaunch of the SHERCO and SCORPA Trial, there is the expansion of the range with different versions and technical complements. In the first half of 2023, a kit will be marketed that will allow an electric start system to be incorporated into the SHERCO STR 2023 and the SCORPA SCT 2023, which

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VIDEO | The Electric Motion 2019 range in action

Electric Motion continues to work tirelessly on a catalogue of trial bikes with 100% electric propulsion. The French brand, which has been one of the great pioneers in this small sector of electric trial motorcycles, has once again competed in

Electric Motion presents its 2019 range of electric motorcycles

Electric Motion wants to take advantage of the media and technological momentum that surrounds electric trial bikes, an increasingly popular and demanding specialty where big brands such as Yamaha are already involved. The celebration of a World Championships specific for

Children’s trial test: Torrot Kids T10 and T12 electric

The possibilities that children have today to get started in the world of motorcycles are truly impressive. Technological advances and the growing involvement of brands in offering a quality product tailored to the needs of each age group is favoring