Spectacular start of the Spanish Classics Cup in Sigüenza

The Spanish Classic Trial Cup kicked off this past weekend in the beautiful town of Sigüenza, Guadalajara. Under the command of the Moto Club Alcarreño, which prepared 12 zones for the two days of competition, more than 150 registered participants enjoyed a spectacular weekend of Trial.

With a great organization and dedicated riders, the Spanish Classic Trial Cup could not have started better. From this one, four more will be played in Alcañiz, Castellolí, La Nucía and Arteixo.


Tied at 6 points on Saturday were Jorge Alberto Selma and José María Cosculluela being first and second, respectively, and leaving Antonio Guillén to close the top three of Pre-75 Amarillos. Joaquim Lara, José Enrique Romero and Servando Pujalte were the top three in the Manuel Soler Classics , while Juan Domingo Miguel, Rodrigo García and Carmelo Florenza were the best in the Yellow Post-Classics.

Roberto Mendibil, with 8 penalties on his card, beat the rest of the participants in the Pre-80 Green category. Francisco J. Aldecoa was second and José Gabriel Dasí third. Francisco Guzmán, Mariano Gómez and Rafael Sirvent completed the first three positions of Trialeros and Miquel Cirera, Marino Galilea and Ramón Membrives of Post-Clásicos Verdes.

Diego Urreta, also tied on points with the second-placed team, won in the Experts. Antoni Ramonet was second and Jaume Mora third. Eduardo Álvarez, Alberto Moreno and José Luis Ruiz were first, second and third, respectively, in Post-Clásicos Azules.


On Sunday, Jorge Alberto Selma and José María Cosculluela repeated as first and second of Pre-75 Amarillos, but Bartolomé Juan Ribas snuck into P3. In the Classics, Manuel Soler, Fernando Cabré, Vicente Arturo de Miguel and José Enrique Romero snuck into the positions of honour and Juan Domingo Miguel repeated as the best in the Yellow Post-Classics. This time, Carmelo Florenza and Rodrigo Garcia swapped second and third place.

Roberto Mendibil and Francisco J. Aldecoa were once again the protagonists of Pre-80 Greens, with Alberto Zarate closing the top three on Sunday. Gabriel Dus, Rafael Sirvent and Salvador Vilella were the new winners of Trialeros and Bertrán Martínez-Peñalver, Miquel Cirera and Marino Galilea of Post-Classics Greens.

Jaume Mora took the victory in Experts , leaving Antoni Ramonet and Diego Urreta as second and third classified, respectively. In Post-Classics Blues there was the same result with Eduardo Álvarez first, Alberto Moreno second and José Luis Ruíz third.

The next round of the Spanish Cup of Classic Trials will be held in Alcañiz, Teruel, on April 29 and 30.

Photos: RFME – Fili Rodriguez

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