Sherco Factory 2015

shercofactory2015 1
Sherco Unveils Limited Edition Factory 2015

The Sherco Factory 2015 arrives, a limited and numbered edition that completes the trial range for the current 2015 season.

As usual, the novelties and new components are found in both the chassis and mechanics, also offering an exclusive decoration for this Factory 2015 model.



New chassis: Made entirely of chrome molybdenum. It has been reinforced to optimise resistance at the level of the steering column, the silencer fixing legs, the tank, the lower parts of the chassis and running boards.

Aluminum fork: The fork has been manufactured by the TECH brand. 100% aluminum, it is one of the lightest on the market.
Öhlins Shock: The result of the collaboration between Sherco and Ohlins, this shock provides optimal operation of the bike.

Crankcase protector: Extremely light and resistant, made of 7075-T6 aluminum, its profile allows it optimal grip in the most difficult conditions.

shercofactory2015 2
As usual, the 2015 Sherco Factory gets a unique aesthetic


shercofactory2015 7
The 2015 Sherco Factory seen from the right side

Rear rim: Manufactured by MORAD, anodized Blue, its machining allows to lighten the assembly.

Crown: Signed by TALON and equipped with a FIM protector.

Fuel tank, and silent: External face made of high-impact aluminium.

Stirrups: Manufactured by GECO, in matte gold anodized aluminum, fully machined, high quality and finished.

Screws: Also manufactured by GECO, in matte black anodized aluminum, they have a practical and compact design.

Tyres: Michelin X-LITE tyres, extremely light.

Brakes: BRAKTEC braking system associated with GALFER discs.

shercofactory2015 4
Top view of the 2015 Sherco Factory

Front Wheel Axle: Lightened

Steering Axle Nut: Lightened

Man-overboard device: Installed from the source


Crankshaft: Equipped with a new balance system with the aim of limiting vibrations.

Cylinder: Modified cylinder with optimised distribution.

Piston: Forged and manufactured by VERTEX.

Sherco design and manufactured by GECO, 100% machined, matte gold anodized.

shercofactory2015 3
One of the great novelties is that the Sherco Factory 2015 is equipped with Öhlins shock absorbers

Gearbox: Lightweight gearbox, the result of a study by our Sherco engineers.

Clutch: SURFLEX R clutch.

Intake manifold: Improvement of the intake pipe assembly and gaskets.

Crankcases: Specific treatments (impregnation and Alodine to ensure watertightness, and better resistance to use)

shercofactory2015 5
Detail of the optics and front posts of the Sherco Factory 2015

Exhaust pipe: Manufactured manually, made of Titanium by M2 LINX.

Speed Selector: Reinforced


Blue anodized, bushing and two fluorescent yellow spokes (indicating the location of the valve).

Plastics: Black, which give an elegant image to the bike.

shercofactory2015 6
At the Sherco Factory 2015, every detail has been taken care of

Matte Gold finishes: Plates, fork suspension bridge, stock and running boards.

Decoration Kit:
New and exclusive for the new Sherco Factory 2015 model. Fluorescent yellow enhances and dynamizes the lines of the bike.

White Handlebar: OXIA handlebar finished in satin white.



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