Raga wins in the Czech Republic and gives excitement to the Trial World Championship

Raga Kramolin13The Trial World Championship has once again offered a new chapter of this exciting 2013 season. A year in which Spanish riders are growing by leaps and bounds in the Junior and 125cc categories and in which in Pro they are offering a lot of competition and excitement with Toni Bou and Adam Raga alternating victories.

Contrary to what was happening in the last few races, the level of the sections in the Czech Republic was relatively simple, forcing the drivers not to make the slightest mistake and to withstand the pressure as much as possible during the three laps that made up the race.

Today the Gas Gas pilot won. Adam has been penalized with 9 points compared to the 12 that Montesa has scored. Despite climbing to the top step of the podium, it is still Bou who dominates the provisional general classification. Of course, they are only separated by 2 points. There are still races to be played and anything can happen between now and the end of the season. Albert Cabestany was third with 17 points , so he joined Raga and Bou in the winners’ picture.

Jeroni Fajardo was fifth (35), Takahisa Fujinami sixth (40), Dani Oliveras eighth (64) and Pere Borrellas thirteenth (100).

In Junior, the Spanish riders have done a fantastic job and continue to be at the top of the overall standings. Despite the fact that the race was won by Maxime Warenghien, Pol Tarrés has been penalized with the same points as him (2) being second and Carles Traviesa, with one more and beating Jorge Casales, third, in the tiebreaker for the highest number of zeros. FRancesc Moret was eleventh and Oriol Noguera thirteenth. Now Jorge leads the standings with Pol second and Moret fourth.

Kramolin Podium13the 125cc category, both Nacho Fernandez – Sancho and Nacho Martin have qualified in the top ten in the Czech Republic. The former has scored 35 points and the latter 43. Both are still in the top 10 in the category. 

The next round will be on the weekend of July 27 and 28 in Great Britain with two days of competition.


Toni Bou: “I don’t think we can play for the World Championship in such unselective races and with some stewards who make mistakes, which is what happened today. We have four races ahead of us and I hope that they will be of a higher level of demand and that the controls will be correct. I have no more to say.”

Takahisa Fujinami: “He’s had a bad day. The bike worked perfectly but not so my head. I started very badly, with two fiascos in the first three sections and in a trial as easy as today’s this weighs heavily. I lost my focus completely and the only thing I can be relatively satisfied with is the third lap, when it was too late to aspire to something better.”

Adam Raga: “The trial went very well. It was very hard, psychologically, because you couldn’t fail. A day in which the race is very long and never ends. Tied or with a few points difference and that means a lot of pressure. I’ve had to put up with a lot. It’s been more of a hand-to-hand battle. You can’t say it’s been easy; There were complicated steps. Now the world championship is very close and this is good for the sport. We’re going to work hard for the next GP in Great Britain and we’ll fight to be at the highest possible level and try to take the lead.”

Jorge Casales: “It was an excessively easy trial. By a zero I couldn’t get on the podium and by hitting a tree I didn’t win. But still, I’m very happy with the driving and with the team’s work, not only today, but in the last few races. For my part, I will try to do better in the following appointments. A lot can still happen, but the goal is still possible.”









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