Preparation of Koxx Sky by Benito Ros

koxx_ros1Miguel Ruiz is already an old acquaintance among those of us who like bike trials and among the forums of Year after year and with the help of Origami, he tries to prepare the lightest bike in the world and with the most exclusive components. This time, Miguel It features a bike perhaps more exclusive than any other of the views. The rider from Maño has made the most of a day with the current one World Champion Benito Ros and he has provided us with a series of photos of the bike with which “The Beast” competes and will compete throughout the year.

The model is as it has always been in recent years, the Sky by Koxx. The chassis has been lowered at certain points as can be seen in the steering tube, where it has a large hole and through which the holes of the main tubes of the chassis have been enlarged, since in that part it could be thinned and subtracted grams. On the other hand, all the screws are made of titanium as we are used to in their latest bikes.

The tyres have a new tread that Benito himself has designed and the rear rim is a prototype of the brand which is a bit lighter than the previous “Hole”. With all this, The final weight of the bike is 6,905 grams, an absolutely brutal weight considering that it is a double disc bike that only has carbon on the handlebars. 


Text: Álvaro López / Photos: Miguel Ruiz

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