Ot Pi’s Greeting to Trialworld

saludo_otIn 1978 my father took me to a BikeTrial race, with my bike and helmet, and until now I have not stopped riding a bike, the bike trial is a special modality, not monotonous, and thanks to its I have a lot of experience in the world.Complexity, complexity make it a sport that seems to me the most complete that exists.

All riders who have trained in BikeTrial then if they want to do any other sport, they do it well, we have examples like: Jordi Tarres, Toni Bou, They switched to trials and are riders who make history, too Marc Coma Dakar winner and raid world champion, Jaume Alguersuari, also started in the BikeTrial, as the Mio Suemasa Downhill world champion, there are countless riders who have achieved a great track record thanks to seeing this sport started in the BikeTrial is unique, and it must be said that the reverse does not happen, a good rider in any sport when he goes to trial does not do it well.

Leaving the qualities of sport aside, the word freedom has always accompanied me when practicing this sport both in the mountains and in the countryside, it gives you a huge source of inspiration  every day.

Thanks to the trial I have been able to travel, meet many people from all over the world and above all train as a person as in countries like the USA. USA and Japan.

This sport is now practiced all over the world and started in Spain and thanks to promotional channels such as trialworld.es  will make many more people practice it in the future.

I want to thank Álvaro López for his work, especially in his rigorous work in all his information, wishing them a great future in trialworld.es.

Greetings to your unconditional fans.

Ot Pi

12 times World Champion

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