National Trial Report in Bocairent

Farre Bocairent13Despite the fact that the weather has not been good since the sun has not appeared all day (only in the podium ceremony), This second round of the National Trial held in the province of Valencia has been a success. The areas prepared by MC Nicogass have been very popular with the participating riders who, between those who scored for the CET and those who scored for the Valencian regional championship, exceeded 125. In addition, the residents of this town and the surrounding areas did not want to miss the event and filled the areas of the race.

In total there were 15 but the registrants had to make some depending on their color. Some of them were a bit tricky but not enough for the riders to get through them with effort.

Under the watchful eye of the fans, a luxury like Nico Terol who has once again supported the race, at 08:30 in the morning, all the registered riders began to leave. In Juvenil 80 Carlos Brines, Neus Murcia and Rodrigo Marcial have been the best of this race. Carlos and Neus have been very even in penalties as the former has added 2 and the latter 3. Rodrigo was a little further behind with 11.

Something similar has happened in Juvenil 125 but, in this case, of the three who have climbed the podium. Gabriel Marcelli won with 0 points, Pablo Suárez was second with 1 and Eric Miquel was third with 2. So all three of them can be very happy about the result.

In the Cadet category, Marc Miquel beat the rest of his classmates and went home with the winner’s trophy. He has added 9 penalties compared to the 14 of Giro Mestre (second) and the 19 of Oriol Pi (third). In Junior, Nacho Fernández Sancho and Arnau Farrè have once again shown that this season is going to be very entertaining in this category. Today it was Nacho’s turn to win. In Ibiza it was Arnau who took the first position but in this second race the Gas Gas rider scored one point less than him. Marc Riba was third. Nacho was very satisfied at the end of the day and commented that
“the year is going to be very close between Arnau and me so we hope to do well to win”.

In Women’s A and B there has been a high level and a good example is that some of the girls have been on the podium in other categories as well. This is the case of Neus Murcia, which has been first in B and second in Juvenil 80. In this category of Women’s B, Alba Lara has been second with 6 points and Pilar Murillo third with 10. In Women’s A, Mireia Conde and Sandra Gómez, first and second, have repeated their position in TR4. Elisabet Solera and Jesús Fuentes finished third in each of the aforementioned categories.

The RFME has also been able to speak with Mireia who expressed her surprise at winning in TR4. “In girls it hasn’t caught my attention so much but it has in TR4 that when they told me I was first I couldn’t believe it. I’m very happy for this start to the season.”

Marc Horrach, Rafa Latorre and Faustino Bañón have occupied the three positions of honour in TR3. Marc and Rafa fought for the victory throughout the day as they had a great trial. In the end, it was won by the one who arrived as leader of the general classification by only one point with respect to the one from Castellón. In TR2 the victory went to José María Moral , although after a lot of fighting. Oriol Noguera was second and Jaime Bustó third. The difference in points between them has been slim. The player from Beta has added 21, Oriol 23 and Jaime 24. Both Moral and Noguera did not have a good first test in Ibiza and today they were able to make up for it.

José María explained at the end of the day that
“I found the areas very good and I am fully satisfied with how everything has gone. Now we have to continue like this and see if we finish the year at the top”.

The next CET test will be on April 7 in Arnedillo (La Rioja) by MC Calahorra with the TR1, TR2, TR3, TR4, Junior and Cadet categories.

Arnau Farré: “In today’s trial the sections were a bit easy and the mistakes were more difficult to recover. The large number of drivers has caused queues in some areas, because the championship of the Valencian community was also being held. I did a good trial, with 6 feet. On the first lap only 3 feet the same as on the second. It was quite a cool and windy day at the end. Good feeling on the bike, it responded as expected, but I have to improve on the feet that can be avoided, because it takes its toll on you in qualifying.”

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