Melcior Faja returns to compete with Hebo and Montesa 4Ride

Melcior Faja returns to competition with Hebo and Montesa. The popular Spaniard born in Navarcles (Barcelona) was a pioneer in the extreme enduro specialty, where he will compete again, although this time he changes his enduro bike for a Montesa 4Ride, the new model halfway between trial and enduro, with an adventurous spirit.
Melcior Faja will have the close support of Hebo, which will also present its new Enduro and Motocross collection this month and which will soon be in the brand’s authorized distributors.
Melcior plans to race the
Montesa 4Ride
in extreme Enduro races such as the Extreme XL Lagares and the Nirvana Xtreme and with an eye on the Red Bull Romaniacs and the Hells Gate in 2017.


Born on September 12, 1977 in Navarcles, a small town in central Catalonia. Melcior took his first steps in competition at the age of 10, making several state and regional trialsin championships. Melcior Faja switched to the bike in 1991 on a GasGas 125 where he competed in his first trial races.
After achieving several runners-up in Catalonia in this specialty in junior, senior and the occasional podium at the nationals, injuries never respected him much. In 1996 he rode a KTM 125 to the Marsimoto team. He competed in the national enduro in the senior 125 category, where he got 14 scrath valuable in the first race as it was his first enduro race.
At the end of the season and due to budget reasons, he decided to hang up his boots until 2006 when he returned to participate in the national enduro in the Senior B 4-stroke category where he got the 3rd place in 2007 in the Senior B 2-stroke category the runner-up.
After working as a private rider, Melcior signed a contract for the 2012 season with KTM SPAIN and became a professional rider for the Austrian brand.
Montesa 4Ride


Third place in the 1993 Catalonia Junior Championship
Fifth place in the 1993 Spanish Junior Championship
Runner-up in the 1994 Junior Catalonia (Montesa official)
Third place in the 1994 Spanish junior championship
Runner-up in Catalonia Senior 1995
13 Spanish Senior Championship1995
3rd place in the Spanish senior-b championship Q4 2006
11th place Enduro Indoor Barcelona 2006
Runner-up Spain senior-b 2007
1st Place Senior-b Championship of Catalonia 2Q 2007
6th place in indoor enduro qualifiers Barcelona 2nd repechage 2007
Runner-up Gordexola Extrem 2007
12th place Hell’s gate 2008
Runner-up in extreme enduro Gordexola 2008
7th Spanish E3 Championship 2008
5th Catalonia E3 Championship 2008
9th place Hell’s gate 2009
4th Spanish Cross Country Championship 2009
4th Vigo Indoor Enduro 2009
12th Erzberg Rodeo 2009
7th Redbull Romaniacs (2nd last stage)
1er Basquextrem
2nd Gordexola Extrem
12th Erzberg Rodeo 2011
1st Gordexola x-treme 2011
1st Moià Impossible Dream 2011
5th Red Bull Romaniacs 2011
5th Red Bull Sea to Sky Turkey 2011.
6th Extreme XL Lagares 2.011
8th Erzberg Rodeo 2012
6th Red Bull Romaniacs 2012

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