Mecatecno Challenge in Barcelona

mecatecno_t400 Sunday, March 11, 2012 , Mecatecno will hold the I Mecatecno Challenge in the trial area of the Moto Club Cent Peus in Sant Fost de Campsentelles (Barcelona). The event is aimed at boys and girls from 6 to 10 years old.

The objective of this festival is the formation of a Mecatecno Team to participate in the new categories Initiation and Electric Juvenile of the Catalan Children’s Trial Championship, organized by the Catalan Motorcycling Federation. Mecatecno wants to do its bit to make the inclusion of the new electric categories a success.

The day will be a celebration of electric trial, where children who do not know this world will have the opportunity to discover it, and those who already know it, will be able to demonstrate their skill on two wheels. This day will take place with breakfast for all the families who attend, an introductory trial course where the children will test the motorcycles on a circuit, gifts for all the participants and an appetizer to end the party. And all this… Totally free!

According to the Catalan Motorcycling Federation, the great novelty of this season in the Children’s Trial Championship of Catalonia, is the inclusion of electric motorcycles, which already work abroad and that according to the delegate of the Federation, Josep Serra, “We already had to include it in our championships.” Mecatecno will provide facilities to all children who want to participate in the championship with very attractive discounts and technical assistance in all races.

There will be a bar area and a shop selling official Mecatecno products with significant discounts for all attendees. In addition, for children from 2 to 5 years old, there will be smaller motorcycles (T-8 model) that they will be able to test and take their first steps on 2 wheels.

It is recommended that children wear a helmet, boots, gloves and other appropriate equipment for the practice of trial. If you do not have this material, there will be a loan service for the material separately from the store.

For registration and for more information , you can send an email to or call 608 581 165, indicating that you are on behalf of Trialworld. (Prior registration required, limited capacity).

Text: Mecatecno

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