Lights For Life Lighting System Hebo Zone 5 Helmet

As part of its tireless commitment to technological innovation and safety, Hebo launches an unprecedented safety system for its
trial helmets
from the Zone 5 range, present in the Hebo catalogue since 2016.
The Lights for life system consists of an LED lighting system that is already integrated into the
Hebo Zone 5 helmets
, so to activate it you will only have to purchase the electronic box.
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1.- The first basically consists of activating the helmet light through a convenient switch, acting as a second position light, in this case integrated into the rider himself. Hebo’s Lights for Life system

can be purchased from the Trialworld Store

2.- The second option consists of the acquisition of a second element that is placed on the motorcycle as an emitter box, which sends the signal to the electronic box when the brake sensor is activated and the helmet illuminates acting as a second brake light.
hebo light for life
In short,
in the stores Hebo
offers us a very interesting product in terms of safety, especially useful if you come back from trials on tracks or a stretch of road where it is advisable to have more visibility.
Hebo Zone 5 LEDS helmet
This lights for life lighting element joins other accessories offered as standard by the Hebo Zone 5 helmet, such as the retractable visor, made of polycarbonate with anti-scratch treatment, especially useful for roads and interzone sections to avoid the impact of stones or other elements, guaranteeing optimal visibility without sacrificing aspects as important to the rider as lightness, ergonomics or design.
Hebo Zone 5 Lights for Life Helmet
The lights for life system is available for the following designs:


In this
test of the Hebo Zone 5 helmet
we explain that it is made of ABS thermoplastic material. Two shell sizes for greater comfort in each size.
The interior is fully removable. It has a lining made of foam laminate of different densities, covered with hypoallergic fabric for perfect comfort.
The closure is micro-adjustable, quick-acting and at the aeration level, it has two front inlets and two rear outlets that provide internal current between the EPS and the shell, as well as two side inlets for better hearing and ventilation.

Hebo Zone 5 helmet models:

Hebo Zone 5 Svan helmet
(2019 collection): 8% off for €127.92
Hebo Zone 5 T-One helmet
on sale.
Hebo Zone 5 Like helmet green
on sale.
Hebo Zone 5 Like helmet
blue on sale.
Hebo Zone 5 Like helmet
white on sale.

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