Jorge Casales starts commanding in the 2020 Spanish Championship

The first round of the SPEA RFME Spanish Trial Championship was held this weekend in Aitona, Lleida. The most important absence has been that of Toni Bou who a few days ago announced through his Social Networks that this year he would not participate in the CET and would focus on international competitions, the TrialGP World Championship, the X-Trial as well as the team competitions, Trial of Nations and X-Trial of Nations.

Thus, other outstanding riders such as Adam Raga, Jaime Busto, Jeroni Fajardo, Gabriel Marcelli or Jorge Casales would have the opportunity to fight for a title that so far has had a clear owner, the Montesa rider.
The Moto Club Aitona has been in charge of carrying out this weekend’s test that has had a total of 106 registered divided into 8 categories. The areas, rocky and wooded, have been liked by the participants and the race has turned out to be a success. Fans have filled the surroundings of these and have enjoyed a great competition.
Jorge Casales takes the first
Yesterday, in qualifying, Adam Raga was fastest in TR1 followed by Jaime Busto and Gabriel Marcelli. In TR2, Pol Mediña, Alex Canales and Martín Riobó stood out.
But today Jorge Casales took all the honours by doing a great Trial and presenting his credentials to fight for the Championship in the highest category. He has taken 9 penalties on the first lap and 6 on the second. Behind him is Adam Raga with a total of 23 points. Jeroni Fajardo closed the top three with 42.
Eric Miguel, Sergio Ribau and Alex Canales have been on the podium of TR2, Carlos Palma, Jordi Lestang and Gaudi Vall in the Junior category, Berta Abellán in the Women’s TR1 category, Francesc Recio, Marc Horrach and David Millán in the TR3 category, Andreu Puchades, Mario Romero and Hugo Barrera on the Cadet 125 podium, Marc Piquer, Jorge Iglesias and Jan Gabriel in the Cadet category and Mario Juan, Sergio Puyo and Jordi Sanjuan in the TR4 category.
The next round of the SPEA RFME Spanish Trial Championship will be held on March 14 and 15 in Baiona, Pontevedra, with these same categories in addition to Women’s TR2, Women’s TR3, Youth A, Youth B, Veteran and E-Trial.


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