Interview with Lua Vizcaino

lua1a young Catalan rider who until very recently was a promise, but little by little she is proving to be a reality. In an early way and in a year in which she had not yet set goals, Lua is having a spectacular season not only nationally but internationally. The last World Cup in Aalter was the most recent event.

In his Debut with the best in the world and in an international test, LUA has managed to finish in the top 5. We have been following his progression for a long time and we decided to bring you his impressions in a season that we hope will continue in the same way it has begun.

TRIALWORLD: Do you think this year is the most important year of your career?

The truth is that I don’t think so, rather it will be a year to continue learning a lot and gain experience especially in international competitions.

TW: You’ve started a 2012 season where you race everything. What goal did you start with? Are you meeting them?

LV: In principle, objectives are being met, such as having won the Spanish biketrial championship for the third consecutive year, being leader in the Catalan championship and third place in the first round of the European Cup in Vallderrobles, and in UCI, as you know that there is no category, I take competitions as training and that’s how I compare myself  with the boys.

lua2TW: Many people see you as the future of Spanish trial and even World Championship, do you feel pressure on this idea? How do you deal with it?

I wouldn’t call it pressure. It’s clear to me that what I want is to enjoy trial and do things as well as possible. But I’m very young. Hopefully the day will come when I have pressure, it would be a very good sign

TW: This year that you are doing the UCI Trials World Cup complete circuit, what is your goal and what real options do you have?

The main objective is to get the maximum experience at international level , and realistically I think I have no options, but at least I can see myself.

TW: With an important year in your career, a great resume and a future. What grants do you have this year?

I have to be thankful that this year for the first time I have had help to be able to face a very long season thanks to Ozonis for his trust, trial school of Òrrius, Kronos, TMT and of course, Orestes Ribó.

TW: How would you like to approach trial in your life? Have you thought about switching to the bike??

I would like to focus my life on the world of trial and we are already a bit involved in the motorcycle issue, we are even planning to do some trials as an amateur thanks to the Viñas family but with a lot of caution so as not to suffer injuries and lose the World Cup season.

TW: How are you preparing for competitions (training, gym sessions, etc.)

I follow the same rhythm of training throughout the year at the César Cañas Trial Academy three days a week, and on the days when I don’t touch the bike I take the opportunity to do light gym sessions.

TW: A 5th place in your first participation in the World Cup Trials at the age of 15,  what does it mean to you?

For me it has been a brutal experience. I have enjoyed it a lot and I want to point out that without my “occasional backpacker” César Cañas I would not have achieved this great result. And what it means for me is that  from now on there is another rider who is coming strong.

lua3TW: After this result, how do you face the rest of the races?

With a lot of desire and having our feet on the ground knowing that there are rivals who have been on the international circuit for a long time and that it will not be easy, but there we are.

As you are the only Spaniard who went to this event and if you complete the series, it will place you as the first Spaniard for the World Championships, do you feel pressure?

LV: It’s one of my dreams, to be able to go to the World Cup with the Spanish National Team, but the decision is up to the National Coach and if he counts on me, as always I will give my best and as I have told you before, it is more a matter of responsibility to try to do things well than pressure.

TW: What is your goal this year, are you already thinking about winning?

Learn, learn, learn. I’m not thinking about victory, I’m 15 years old and I still have a lot to do in this sport. Victories if they have to come, will come. At the moment try to make the best results

I wanted to finish dand
or thanks above all to my father for the unconditional support he gives me, and of course, to my great coach César Cañas for teaching me everything I know and to you Alvaro and Trialworld for trying to make this sport great.

Text: Álvaro López / Photos: Lua Vizcaino


Name: Lua

Surnames: Vizcaino Medina

DOB: 1-11-1996

Height: 158 cm

Weight: 43 Kg


Year 2009 UCI (mixed)

Spanish Championship 9th

4th Championship of Catalonia

Year 2009 BUE

Champion of Catalonia

Runner-up in Spain

Tarragona Provincial Champion

Girona Provincial Runner-Up

Interscholastic Champion

Year 2010 UCI

3rd Osona Cup

1st provisional Catalan Cup

7th Provisional Spanish Championship

Championship of Catalonia to be held 25-9-2010

5th World Youth Games (Poland)

Year 2010 BUE

Spanish Champion

Champion of Catalonia

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