GRO & Trialworld

gro_ggWe are pleased to inform you that GRO has been the first brand
to rely on TRIALWORLD
for the promotion of its wide range of products. Since our inauguration you have been able to find a banner on the main page that automatically redirects to the GRO website.

This alliance will allow us to prepare with specific material all the reports that we have planned in the mechanical field, in addition to being able to indicate specifically which ones should be used for each occasion and their correct dosage.

As you well know, GRO has been maintaining close agreements with Gas Gas for several years. Thanks to this, all products are tested in high competition and on production models, thus allowing a constant evolution in the quality of these lubricants.

banner_groGRO belongs to the company Cogelsa and although the launch of the brand took place in 2000, the company has more than 90 years of experience in the world of lubricants, manufacturing more than 4,500 references per year.

Nowadays GRO is consolidated its sales nationally and internationally in countries such as Greece, France, Portugal, Italy, Holland, Finland and an extensive list of other countries that you can find on its website by clicking on its logo.

To all off-road lovers, we advise you to take a look at its catalog, as it offers interesting products for the care and conservation of your motorcycle.

Finally, we would like to thank GRO for their trust.

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