European Championship: title for Jaime Busto and record for Grattarola

Grattarolahas sealed the European title he mathematically achieved in Issola 2000 with another victory in the last race of the current campaign, held in Zelhem, Holland.

The Italian rider’s main objective, once he won the title, was to equal the record held by Joan Pons in 1992, where he signed a full number of victories throughout the championship. Grattarola has done it too.

Fantastic race for the Spanish rider Pere Borrellas, who led a good part of the competition and would finally be just one point away from achieving a very tight runner-up that has gone to Matteo Poli.

The podium in Zelhem was completed by Belgian rider Maxime Warengheim , beating another of the great contenders for the runner-up position, Daniele Maurino. The Italian rider should settle for fourth place in the race and the same in the championship.

In Junior, victory for Pietro Petrangeli, followed by Lundevold and Cabrini.

Another of the great news in the Dutch event was the title won by Jaime Busto in the Youth category, thus culminating a season with two victories and a second place. Without a doubt,Jaime is one of our country’s strongest promises.

The Basque rider has totalled 57 points in the championship, seven more than the second-placed German Franz Xaver Kadelc (Gas Gas), winner of the last round. Jaime Busto was born on December 4, 1997 and, along with the European Championship, is a regular participant in the Spanish and Catalan trial championships. In the same category, Arnau Farré (Beta) finished in ninth position.

Text: Trialworld / Information: UEM



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