Bou sweeps Sheffield

bou_campeonThe Sheffield Indoor Trial is one of the most charismatic in the UK, as well as the usual opening event of the World Indoor Championship. Although it has not been eligible for the championship for a few editions, it is still held punctually at the beginning of January, serving as a prelude and first contact for all the riders in the angular indoor areas.

Once again Bou sealed the race with a crushing superiority throughout the night. The victory was resounding and indisputable, putting on record that, once again, He is emerging as the overwhelming favorite to win the 2012 title. The second place went to Adam Raga, tied on 15 points with Jeroni Fajardo, that was debuting on the Beta EVO, just a few days after the signing for the Italian brand was confirmed. Undoubtedly, this third step of the podium is proof that, indeed, among the favourites of 2012 we must count Jeroni.

Fujinami was three points behind the Girona native, followed by Dabill, further back with 25 points, and Lampkin, who in his last participation in this Sheffield Trial left a bittersweet feeling due to the discreetness of his performance.



1. Toni Bou – 2

2. Adam Raga – 15

3. Jeroni Fajardo – 15

4. Takahisa Fujinami – 18

5. James Dabill – 25

6. Dougie Lampkin – 27

Text: Trialworld / Podium photo: Trialscentral


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