Bou reigns supreme in Paris alongside Fajardo. Cabestany runner-up

podium_indoor_paris_4802012 Toni Bou has completed the first World Championship of 2012 in an impeccable way and exceeding the high expectations that can be had from a rider who has eleven world titles to his credit.

The last scoring event for the 2012 Indoor calendar was held in Paris, in thecontext of technical, high-dimensional and really difficult sections. This has led to huge gaps being quickly made and uncertainty about which drivers would actually make it to the grand finale. There could have been surprises, and there were.

The first, without going any further, stars the Adam Raga, who was playing for the runner-up spot tonight against Cabestany. The Gas Gas He made more mistakes than necessary , many of them in areas where perhaps it would have been better to belay, since he he missed in steps where a fantastic guest like Alex Ferrer did overcome.

In any case, Raga had several opportunities to break Cabestany, who also did not have his night in Paris, but had the advantage of entering the zone after his opponent and having a little less pressure.


What they both may not have counted on is that Jeroni Fajardo was finally going to have his night. After a mediocre season, the man from Beta showed all his talent, rode focused and was, along with Bou, the great protagonist of the French night.

Fujinami didn’t have his best night either, but he rode well enough to sneak in front of Raga and knock the latter out of the final round, nullifying all of his options to battle for the runner-up spot.


Cabestany breathed easier with the second place in the world championship in his hand, but he still didn’t have his night and was forced to celebrate his great mission of the season, the runner-up, outside the places of honor.

The show of the night had, once again, a name of its own: Toni Bou. It is truly impressive to see how the man from Piera drives, showing his overwhelming superiority in every area. It doesn’t matter if it’s a technical step or a big hurdle. It’s always Bou who makes the difference and gets the audience out of their seats.

Finally, after Bou, with an impressive card of only three points, he got his seventh victory of the campaign , followed by Fajardo, extraordinary, with 21 points, and Fujinami, with 27 points. Cabestany closed the final round standings with 29 points.


Toni Bou’s statements
: It’s been incredible. It was the first time I had competed in Paris and I wanted nothing more than to win on this iconic stage. But not only to win here, but to get rid of the aftertaste of the crash I suffered in Milan. I wanted to turn the page on that episode as soon as possible and I have succeeded. With the world title in my pocket, I competed without any pressure, in some areas that a priori did not seem very difficult, but in the end they were. It was a night of celebration and I’m aware that rarely can you enjoy a victory as much as I did today.” With this event, the 2012 World Indoor Championship concludes and the riders already have 100% outdoor in mind.

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Text: Trialworld / Photos: FIM

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