ARS Trial parts and Trialworld

ars_400As you can see, for a few weeks TRIALWORLD has had the support of ARS Trial Parts, in order to enhance its visibility and bring a truly interesting range of products to all fans, especially for those who love Classic Trial.

ARS was created in 1990. Its main activity is the distribution and manufacture of trial accessories. They are currently importers for Spain of WES silencers, NJB shock absorbers and XBlok accessories, all of British manufacture, and we are also distributors of Spanish-made DELAY products. 
After a very intense activity in the 90s with modern motorcycles, since 2002 they have paid a lot of attention to accessories for classic motorcycles, taking advantage of their experience and that of their suppliers in competition with these motorcycles.

They also restore and prepare classic trial bikes for competition.

TRIALWORLD would like to thank ARS for its support and trust, which, like that of the rest of the sponsors, is key for us to continue working on offering you all the reports, tests and current news.

In addition, with the support of ARS we will begin to test more specific components of classic trial motorcycles, where the range of options is increasingly wide and it is important to choose well, or at least be informed of what we can find on the market.


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