Adam Raga dominates in the USA and takes the lead of the trial world championship

World Raga 13 2The current edition of the Trial World Championship could not be more exciting. Four races and three different winners. The main protagonist is Adam Raga, who starts as the leader of the world  championshipin an edition where the rider himself has harshly criticized the regulations imposed by the FIM, the NonStop. He was even called to apologize, as he You can see in this writing. 

Adam Raga has come out of these two races in the United States very strengthened and returns to Spain with the lead of the Championship, although he is only one point separated from the second, the great Toni Bou. The rider from Montesa was second yesterday, tied on points with Raga (24). Third was Bou’s teammate, Takahisa Fujinami who completed the podium with 38. Jeroni Fajardo was fourth (40), Albert Cabestany fifth (55) and Pere Borrellas thirteenth (134).

In Junior Francesc Moret had a great trial penalizing with 14 points, without making any fiasco. But very close to Gas Gas was Jorge Casales who added 15 feet. Jorge’s last pass was spectacular but he could not recover from the two fiascos he had from the previous laps. Pol Tarrés was sixth (38) and Carles Traviesa tenth (61).

Nacho Martín and Ignacio Fernández-Sancho were back at the back of the standings but very happy with the sensations they had. The former was ninth with 47 points and the latter tenth with 60. Both remained in the top 10 in the U.S.


Toni Bou: “It was a fight marked by intense pressure. Adam was very strong again and we both went into the last lap tied and very fatigued. On this last lap he has given me a couple of gifts by failing where I shouldn’t have. But then, due to tiredness, the same thing happened to me , so we were level again until the end. I hope that the next tests will be more complicated and tougher than this one. The latest results motivate me to work even harder in accordance with the new regulations and knowing that this championship will be very tough and even.”

Takahisa Fujinami: “It’s clear that I’ve improved compared to yesterday, despite some mistakes and problems that prevent me from feeling satisfied. Still, I have no reason to be unhappy. It’s a feeling that’s a bit hard to explain.”

Adam Raga: “Great. This GP has been fantastic. The race, the bike and the team went very well. In the first two laps Toni and I went at a great level, extraordinary, because the rest were dropped. On the last lap, maybe the pressure led us to score more points. Winning wasn’t easy and I’m very happy because I’ve shown a good level. 
It’s very positive to leave here as the leader of the championship: for the motivation, the confidence for the next races, for the brand… Gas Gas is proving to be at the top, at number 1 and this is huge. I’m constantly progressing and even though my rivals don’t make it easy at all, I want to fight until the end for my goal: victory.”.

Francesc Moret: “It’s been tough. We played the whole trial with Casales and in the end we finished by one point. On the first lap an absurd mistake, and another on the last lap with a 3 in an easy area, but I was able to counteract it with a zero in the most difficult area.”

Jorge Casales: “Finishing second is not a bad result. It was good because we were able to cut a few points off the lead with the leader. The race today was quite tough, they raised the level of the sections. I started well and set the best score on the first lap, but on the second lap a mistake made me pass Moret. On the last lap I also made a mistake and narrowly lost the race. Moret is a great rider and I’m sure I’ll be battling with him all season. I’m happy with how this GP went: this place is very similar to my Galicia and I felt good.”

Photos: FIM – G2F Media 




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