3 out of 3 for Bou: the Marseille Indoor wins.

bou_ganaThe 2012 season has started with the strength and excitement that we are used to in Indoor Trial. After Strasbourg and Geneva, held on two consecutive weekends, it is the turn of the third without a break, this time in Marseille (Friday 27 and Saturday 28)

It will be a special race for several reasons; one of them will be the debut of the JTG in a World Championship at the helm of Pol Tarrés, who will fight on Friday to qualify for the semi-finals against other young riders with a lot of desire, such as Alfredo Gómez, Michael Brown or Alexandre Ferrer. Against them, more consolidated and experienced, we will see Gubian, Fujinami, Fajardo, Raga, Cabestany or Bou.

Bou is being the great protagonist of the year, scoring two resounding victories and already accumulating an important cushion of points against his closest pursuer: Albert Cabestany. In third provisional position is Raga, eager to shake off the thorn of the bittersweet race in Geneva, where he was out of the places of honor. Behind him, starring in a beautiful fight, we find Fujinami and Fajardo.

On Friday, there will be a qualifying phase between ten riders, of which only six will go on to compete on Saturday to fight for the definitive victory.

The broadcast can be followed on Twitter at this link or online through this other link.

Qualifying Results (Friday):

Bou 4 points

Raga 19 points

Cabestany 21 points

Fajardo 22 points

Fujinami 23 points

Not classified: Pol Tarrés (32 points), Alfredo Gómez (33 points), Michael Brown (35 points) and Alexandre Ferrer (40 points)

Final Race Results: 

Bou 7 points

Raga 12 points

Cabestany 19 points

Fujinami 29 points

Text: Trialworld / Photo: FIM

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