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BETA EVO 125 2022
BETA EVO 125 2022
BETA EVO 125 2022
BETA EVO 125 2022
BETA EVO 125 2022
BETA EVO 125 2022
BETA EVO 125 2022
BETA EVO 125 2022
BETA EVO 125 2022
BETA EVO 125 2022
BETA EVO 125 2022
BETA EVO 125 2022

BETA EVO 125 2022

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Beta EVO 300 2022 for sale. Enjoy one of the most exclusive and reliable motorcycles on the market, with interesting improvements in the chassis and suspensions for the 2022 range. The new Beta EVO 2022 is available in 300cc (2-stroke and 4-stroke), 125cc (2-stroke) and 80cc (2-stroke) displacements. Trialworld is an official Beta Motor dealer.   

You can ask us for a dynamic test and final conditions of the bike without obligation. Contact us via whatsapp here or by email david.quer@trialworld.es



> Trialworld Store is an authorized BETA Motor official distributor< 

NEWS BETA EVO 125 2022 

The new Beta EVO MY 2022 range maintains the line that makes it a technically sophisticated and refined yet efficient and reliable model. For the Beta EVO 2022 range, the factory has focused primarily on further refining the bike's aesthetics and improving the EVO's suspension.

Aesthetically, the bike has received a major graphic overhaul and some details, such as the handlebars, have changed color to give it a more modern and aggressive look.

The filter box, by the way, is now red. Its operation is unchanged, as is the specific TwinAir sponge filter. And an important detail that will surely be appreciated by the more 'handyman' is that the filter can be accessed from the small top cover or by removing the rear wing following a few simple steps. The chassis is also painted in the characteristic Beta red to highlight the beauty of the hydroformed aluminum frame, a distinctive feature of the EVO.


The suspension area has been upgraded in the fork setting to optimize the spring curve during SAG (suspension pre sag). To this end, both the suspension settings and the amount of oil contained in the two rods have been revised, differentiating between left and right. In fact, the EVO fork is "asymmetrical" because the two stanchions have different functions and internal volumes.

On the left side, the spring can be adjusted, changing the geometry, while on the right side the hydraulics can be adjusted to manage the damping and responsiveness of the front end. By differentiating and optimizing the volume of oil between the two rods, it has been possible to improve the progression and therefore the precision with which the bike transmits the sensations to the rider.

The function of the map switch remains the same. Not surprisingly, the EVO once again features two engine maps that can be selected from the convenient button on the tank cover. The position is easy to access and at the same time protected from accidental knocks, and thanks to the presence of an LED indicator, the map that has been entered can be immediately identified.

BUY A BETA EVO 125 2022 

Trialworld Store is an official BETA dealer in Madrid, with shipments within 24 hours throughout the peninsula. In addition to the Beta EVO 300 2022, at Trialworld you can find the rest of the EVO MY 2022 range: 

- Beta EVO 125 2022

- Beta EVO 300 4-stroke 2022

- Beta EVO 80 Junior 2022

- Beta EVO 80 Senior 2022

TRY A BETA EVO 125 2022

In Trialworld Store you have the possibility to test the new Beta EVO 2022. To do this you can contact david.quer@trialworld.es (659737370) and request a dynamic test without obligation, receiving all the technical advice. 

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