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Brake trial lever grey for Braktec -...
Brake trial lever grey for Braktec -...

Brake trial lever grey for Braktec - AJP with regulator

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Brake trial lever grey for Braktec - AJP with regulator for trial bikes with automatic precision adjuster manufactured by S3 Parts included in the lever itself. Select the adjuster color to match your gray brake lever (red, blue, green or black adjuster). This allows adjustment of the slack adjuster in seconds and without tools. 

Standard length brake lever (15,5cms) of the highest quality, with metal upper bushing and nylon lower bushing (the best combination for a perfect sliding and durability without play), plus recess at the end so that in case of a fall only the ball breaks and not the entire lever. 



This brake lever for motorcycles from trialmanufactured by TW Parts with identical measures to the original BRAKTEC is compatible with motorcycles from trialwith BRAKTEC controls and AJP. They have an upper brass bushing, which is where the through bolt supports, and the lower nylon, to ensure a perfect sliding of the lever on the pump.


- Double bore for the pusher, for greater compatibility AJP and BRAKTEC

- Recessed end so that in the event of a fall only the end ball breaks and not the entire handle

- Including automatic, tool-free adjuster with reinforced spring to ensure perfect precision

- Handle available in grey, black, blue. The adjusters can be combined in the same colors.

- Levers available in long length (standard length 15,5cms) or shorter (length 14cms)

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