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Helmet Hebo TONI BOU 2023 Zone5 AIR
Helmet Hebo TONI BOU 2023 Zone5 AIR
Helmet Hebo TONI BOU 2023 Zone5 AIR
Helmet Hebo TONI BOU 2023 Zone5 AIR
Helmet Hebo TONI BOU 2023 Zone5 AIR
Helmet Hebo TONI BOU 2023 Zone5 AIR
Helmet Hebo TONI BOU 2023 Zone5 AIR

Helmet Hebo TONI BOU 2023 Zone5 AIR

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Hebo Toni Bou 2023 helmet ZONE5 AIR collection. The new helmet Hebo Toni Bou Replica 2023 has been completely renewed this edition, offering more ventilation and comfort, in line with the new AIR range. Includes as standard retractable transparent screen and Lights for Life LED lighting system (battery not included).

Weight 1,050 grams.

€141.36 -10%



The Hebo Zone5 AIR Toni Bou 2023 helmet has a shell made of thermoplastic. The weight of the case is only 1,150 grams. The great novelty in the 2023 range is the front and top ventilation. 

The inside of the helmet is completely removable for easy maintenance and has four air inlets for perfect ventilation. 

In addition, this helmet has a retractable transparent screen that is very useful for excursions and situations of low visibility due to dust or rain. It stands out for its great quality - price. 

This helmet is prepared to incorporate Hebo's Lights for Life system, which consists of a lighting system that acts both as a position light and as a brake light for the bike itself. To activate these LEDs, you only have to incorporate the specific HEBO battery for the Zone5 helmet.

The interior of the helmet is completely removable for easy maintenance and has six air inlets for perfect ventilation. 

In addition, it has a micro-adjustable safety closure. Includes protective cover. 

Offer in trial helmet Hebo Toni Bou 2023, the helmet replica of the 32 times World Champion Toni Bou, built under the structural base of the Hebo Zone5, one of the best helmets in terms of quality and price.  BUY HEBO TONI BOU REPLICA 2023 HELMET

These are the most frequent doubts when buying this Hebo trial helmet.

What size should I choose in the Hebo Toni Bou 2023 helmet?

You should know that the first thing to do is to measure the contour of your head at the height of the forehead and determine how many centimeters you mark. The next step is to confirm the size that corresponds to you according to the following equivalence:

Size XS: from 53 to 54 centimeters.

Size S: from 55 to 56 centimeters

Size M: from 57 to 58 centimeters

Size L: from 59 to 60 centimeters

Size XL: from 61 to 62 centimeters

As a tip, if for example your measurement is 58.5 centimeters, you would be at the limit of size M, half a centimeter away from size L. In these cases it is advisable to select the next size up.

How much does the Hebo Zone5 AIR Toni Bou 2023 helmet weigh?

The weight of the Hebo Zone5 polycarbonate helmet is 1,050 grams. This weight can vary by 50 grams up or down depending on the size, as the measurement is normally done in size L.

Can the interior of the Hebo Zone5 AIR Toni Bou 2023 helmet be changed?

Yes, the interior is completely removable and replaceable. You should know that there are two shell sizes, one for sizes between XS and M; and another for size L and XL. This means that you can even interchange the interiors in size, but respecting the shells. In other words, an S can be converted into an M, but an M cannot be converted into an L, as it is a different shell.

What is the maintenance of the Hebo Zone5 AIR Toni Bou 2023 helmet?

The interior can be disassembled and washed directly in a washing machine, or with soap and water. The exterior can also be washed with soap and water. It is advisable to keep the helmet out of very hot areas and direct sunlight.

What are the differences between the Hebo Zone5 AIR Toni Bou 2023 and the other Hebo Zone5 helmets?

The only difference between the helmet models that make up the Zone5 range is the decoration. There are no technical differences between them.

What type of use is the Hebo Zone5 AIR Toni Bou 2023 recommended for?

The Hebo Zone5 helmet is the mid-range version of Hebo Trial helmets. They have good ventilation and practical covers for the winter. The retractable visor makes it a very versatile helmet, both for zones and for touring. 

What is the difference between the Hebo Zone4 helmet and the Hebo Zone5 helmet?

They are completely different helmets. Neither the interior, nor the shell, nor the materials are the same. The Hebo Zone4 helmet is a fiberglass helmet, with an approximate weight of 950 grams, and the Zone5 is made of ABS, with an approximate weight of 1,050 grams. The advantage of the Zone5 is that it has a retractable goggle system already integrated to protect us from rain and mud, in addition to being prepared to receive the battery of the "lights for life" lighting system. The latter is a helmet more focused on the trial excursion, and even the urban environment, although of course it is valid for trial in areas. In short, the differences are in weight and materials.

Doubts when choosing the best trial helmet for your needs?

In this report on trial helmets we clarify the most frequent doubts and the most interesting options.

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Helmet material
Fabricada en termoplástico ABS, con .dos medidas para un mayor confort
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1.050 gramos
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