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Adjustable accelerator cable for vertigo

Adjustable accelerator cable for vertigo


Cable de acelerador válido para carburadores Keihin con revestimiento de teflon. Excelente calidad, fricción mínima para mejorar el tacto de gas de tu moto. Compatible con Sherco, Gas Gas, Scorpa Twenty, Jotagas y TRS RR que equipen carburador Keihin.

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Compatible bikes:

  • Vertigo Camo 2016
  • Vertigo Camo 2017
  • Vertigo Vertical 2018
  • Vertigo Vertical 2019
  • Vertigo Vertical 2020
  • Vertigo Vertical R 2019
  • Vertigo Vertical R2 2020
  • Vertigo Vertical Lampkin 2019
  • Vertigo Vertical Lampkin 2020
  • Vertigo Titanium R 2018
  • Vertigo Titanium R 2019
  • Vertigo Titanium R 2020
  • Vertigo Vertical 2021
  • Vertigo Busto Replica 2021

Tipo: Carburador Keihin

Relevante para: Gas Gas Pro/Racing/Raga/Factory 02-17

Jotagas 12-17, Scorpa Twenty 15-17

Sherco 01-17

TRS One RR 16-18

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